Saturday, September 19, 2009


This is how Guruji seated Himself just before Kiccha idol!So it was easy to throw butter on Guruji after doing abisekam to Krishna idol!

Friday, September 18, 2009


Abishekam continued with more enthusiasm and chanting picked up speed!!!

Everyone celebrated!Got a glimpse!!

Each and everyone of us really got a glimpse of what is Krishna bhakthi that day!!

Guruji showering butter!!

Guruji here showered butter on to that shisyai's head and the shisyai received it happily!!

It continued!!

Guruji now started throwing butter on shisyas,who were,sitting down and chanting loudly!!!

Guruji waiting to give another experience!

Really Guruji gave crores and crores of experiences during that time to everyone!!

Look at this!!!

Guruji HImself throwing butter on shisyas!Aho bhaagyam!Aho bhaagyam!!

Giving butter!

Guruji gave butter to shisyas to perform abisekam  to Kiccha!!

Guruji's ecstasy!

Guruji was delighted to see many shisyas chanting together!Guruji so gave everyone so many experiences!!

Guruji too responded!

Guruji too would throw butter on shisyas in return!!!All the while everyone sang,danced,chanted and enjoyed their Krishna!

Guruji's position!

This is how Guruji positioned Himself before Kiccha idol!It became easy to throw butter on Guruji after performing abisekam!

Guruji photo

Guruji's face in close-up!Pray to Krishna that this image should stay in our mind forever!

Guruji's face!

Some shisyas after performing pooja to Kiccha idol threw some butter on Guruji too!Radhekrishna!!

Enjoyed and did pooja!

Everyone enjoyed themselves and did pooja sincerely.The whole mandap reverberated with krishenergy!!

Shisyas waiting for their turn!

Guruji instructed that first children then older people should do pooja and they had to dance and sing while coming to do pooja.The rest of youngsters should chant in the meantime!

Guruji doing pooja to Kiccha idol!!

This was the time when Abisekham started.Guruji Himself did pooja to the idol and then everyone else followed one after another!

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

And more Leelas followed!!!

Guruji just kept on doing one leela after another!!!Radhekrishna!Radhekrishna!Radhekrishna!

Guruji leela!!!

Not seen Krishna leela yet...No problem!!!Enjoy our GURUJI LEELA!!!Radhekrishna!!!!

The decorations!!

The dias was decorated very grandly by the sishyas with the guidance of our Guruji!!!

And it went on!!

The singing went on and we knew nothing but one thing that we were living with Krishna!!

The eternal happiness!!

The happiness that was experienced by us cannot be told or conveyed through words,it has to be experienced!!Radhekrishna!!!

Sishyas performing pooja!!

Like this each shisya did pooja to Kiccha idol and enjoyed their Krishna in their own way!!!

The abisekam!!!

This is how the hall looked during abisekam time!!!!

Guruji manni!!!

Guruji manni then formed a circle with sishyas and chanted!!They clapped together as they chanted!!!

Just after...

This photo is reaaly special as it was taken when Guruji just after getting his face covered with butter looked at the camera!!When Guruji saw this photo,Guruji Himself laughed loudly!!!!

We are here to receive!!

Guruji pourung water and sishyas receiving it.We are here to receive!!!


Guruji looking at Aandal picture!!

Guruji and His kiccha!!

What more can one ask!!what words can describe the situation.Just enjoy!!!

The Guruji dance!!

Then Guruji too danced with the Kiccha idol and sishyas were chanting out of unlimited joy!!

Bathed by Guruji!!

Guruji gave Kiccha idol to Babaji and poured butter and bathed Babaji and Kiccha idol at the same time!!

The abisekam of kiccha idol!

During the abisekam Guruji threw butter on sishyas which everyone accepted happily!Sone sishyas poured the same on Guruji too!!!

The all-capturing smile!!

Guruji's smiles have a certain capturing power which is really special.What can one do when Guruji smiles like this?Only one thing and that is surrender!!

Babaji's child-like smile!!

Babaji child-like smile makes one really long to do Krishna bhakti!!!We were blessed to be celebrating Krishna Jayanthi with Guruji and Babaji!!

The celebration!!

We were all immersed in chanting,singing and dancing.We forget ourselves and enjoyed our Krishna!!

Guruji's kondattam!!

Guruji out of pure ecstasy started dancing as Babaji sprayed the holy water over the shisyas!!


It was then Kolattam between Guruji and Babaji!!And Kondattam for everyone watching it!!!

The divine dance!!!

Then Guruji and Babaji danced together and chanting grew even louder!!!

Babaji's paramanandam!!

Babaji and Guruji hugged each other with prema!!!

The divine hug!!!

Guruji called Babaji onto the stage and then...........gave Babaji a long,tight hug!!!

Guruji overseeing proceedings!!

We were asked to do pooja to Krishna idol and then get prasad from Guruji.Everyone had to dance and go near the idol,else could not do pooja.So everyone danced their way to do Abisekam(pouring butter)

Guruji manni dancing with Uma akka!!!

The dancing and chanting continued and shisyas joined groups to enjoy together.One such photo!!!

Engrave this image in your mind!!

Then Guruji started throwing gifts at shishyas and we were only too happy to receive it!!

Guruji manni celebrating with other bhaktas!!

There was even more joy as Guruji manni too joined the celebrations!!

Guruji ready to give...another experience!!

Guruji poured butter and water from dias on the shisyas !!

Take your gift.Quick!!!

Guruji and Babaji distributed prasad!!

Guru gifts the longing soul!!!

The Kripa of Guruji really stunned everyone.We all were blessed one by one!!

Our Babaji

Babaji too had come from Brindavan to enjoy Krishna Jayanthi with Gurujiamma,Guruji and shisyas!!

The joyous reaction!!

Guruji really made everyone feel as though we were in gokulam!!

Guruji getting ready for another shower!!!